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Updating the bean value jsf

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When a component instance is bound to a managed bean property, the property holds the component's local value.Conversely, when a component's value is bound to a managed bean property, the property holds the value stored in the managed bean.Any ideas why the value is not reaching the managed bean. Hello Nirvan I guess you must associate the input Text with a property in the managed bean To do this instead of h:input Text use af:input Text where af is declared as xmlns:af=" Declare property in the bean and associate it using the binding attribute of the input text Try iy like this I do not understand why would you transfer to using adf in any case.I do not see how the approach suggested by Americo Pinto solves anything.The most significant issue when using an immediate input component is that new input data entered by the user is not usually available from the model as the update-model phase has not yet executed.package com.airial.controllers; import com.airial.domain. At least unless you're meddling around with custom tags at the binary level (which is a whole different can of maggots).If you absolutely must iterate the property through UI then then how about something like this I did not test this.

Well, first I've got to be all pedantic and note that JSF backing beans are not Controllers and that in fact, in JSF, you never write Controllers, since they're pre-written as part of JSF.Using immediate causes the component Action Listener or action-method to be executed at the end of the apply-request-values phase, ie before any non-immediate value validation and before any backing bean updates (update-model phase).If the action method is of a form that returns a navigation string, then: if the normal flow is not desired.The value gets submitted as a request parameter, but doesn't reach the managed bean it is tied to.I recollect facing the same problem some time back. Since the object is never initialized it is given a null reference by default. I am also surprised it let's you print, as I got attribute is unreachable and stopped when i mimicked your code.