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Bright-eyed beauties: PLL star Shay, who plays Emily fields in the ABC Family show, shared a photo of the duo in celebration of Ashley's special day. My "mewnie", the Benzo to my Buttah, lil one, blondie and one of my closest friends.

I love you to the moon and back and can't wait to celebrate your old age!!! ' she wrote Look-a-like love: Stunning 19-year-old co-star Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison Di Laurentis on PLL, shared a selfie of the duo as she sent her b-day greetings.

Do you think Hanna could really have a twin and, if so, what would that twin be like? AB: I definitely tried to get in the writers' room and say, "How we can get this different?

AB: I definitely think Hanna could have a twin -- I hope she has a twin. " The reason why I want to play a twin is so I could do split personalities, which is kind of fun to play. Can we just do one episode where they're not together?

"We have a ship name…why do they call it a ship name?

“The chemistry between myself and Ashley is undeniable, I think," he said.

But yeah, I think the fans are really going to like it and I think hopefully they are going to be left on their feet being like, "What just happened? I called Tyler [Blackburn] and was like, "You'll never believe what I just heard! I think I was the most depressed out of any of the fans. I go on You Tube and look at Hanna and Caleb videos 24/7 just because I'm so depressed about it.

" And there's a twin that's going to be revealed, so a lot of people think it's going to be Hanna's twin… There's no other guy for Hanna." And when I found out he was going to be with Spencer, I was like, "There's no way. 's creator Marlene King told you that Hanna and Caleb were going to be splitting up, did you try and change her mind?

Co-star love: Ashley was joined by on-screen boyfriend (and possible real-life love) Tyler Blackburn, 29, and Shay Mitchell, 28, for her festive celebration.

'These ❤️❤️❤️ @lisah76 @shaym @tylerjblackburn,' read her Instagram caption Gal pals: The PLL actress was joined by model friend Hailey Baldwin, 19, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.