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Reverse dns entries not updating

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Well over 70 percent of all support calls that come to Microsoft support services that start out as Active Directory or Exchange calls end up being DNS calls.Yet, as you’ll see in this article, most of these issues don’t require extensive diagnostic work or sophisticated tools to isolate and resolve.For example, in IPv4, you could have a /23 network registered with ARIN that is comprised of two /24 delegations.

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An example of this is entering the browser and receiving an IP address for the server dedicated to that website.Here is the zone declaration part of named.conf: zone "gilman.k12us" ; zone "" ; I've been looking at this all day. I am curious if your rev-zone shouldn't be 4.20.172.Edit: can you post applicable rev-dns portion of Reverse lookup works for the static IP addresses I have hand entered. The network is for network devices, is for wireless guest access, is for students and is for staff.(the other subnets are configed the same way) zone gilman.k12us. subnet netmask the reason it isn't 'authorising' (as the syslog says) is that you need to have a shared key that both bind (or your dns system) and dhcp-server (or your dhcp server) can share so that they can verify that they are asking each other to update each other.This is a useful setting to configure for anyone, but it is essential for customers running an outgoing mail server on their Cloud Server.This article shows how to add a reverse DNS record (also known as an RDNS record and a PTR record) to map your server’s IP address to a domain name (for example, Perform the following steps the create a reverse DNS record in the Cloud Control Panel: ©2017 Rackspace US, Inc.When pinging a website or IP address, one part of the output is the server’s RDNS record.