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The maven suggested approach is to store all the software libraries in a remote store called a repository.Software engineers are approaching development and enterprise design in an entirely new way, thanks to the cloud.For updates on articles and resources, follow @TSWAlliance on Twitter Today’s topic comes from an interesting conversation I had with a customer about SSL certificates that can be used to secure Nexus and serve it via HTTPS.Though HTTPS should be the cornerstone in securing any web service, I thought it useful to answer small…With Ant, you only have the ability to specify absolute or relative paths to specific jars to load.

The list of projects has grown to the point where we need a central location to manage them. You’ll find integrations with Puppet, Chef, Git Hub, Jenkins, Docker and many more of your…To run my tests, I might also need to include some additional jars in the test classpath, such as a particular JDBC driver or the Ehcache jars.These incoming files form the dependencies of the project.One of the core features of Maven is Dependency Management.Managing dependencies is a difficult task once we've to deal with multi-module projects (consisting of hundreds of modules/sub-projects).Maven does so by reading project files (pom.xml) of dependencies, figure out their dependencies and so on.