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Shay getting excited looking at the ocean,talking about when he did choir, talking about his vlogs, saying thankyou. lol (2/14/10-347) -Seeing what Mommytard got her Vantalines day, kids got toy dogs & toothbrushes.

Shay in a meeting, Kassemg has 1 more subscriber then the Shaycarl Channel Shay has 344554 Kassem has 344555. trying to get the kids to promise to keep the van clean. shay playing a game with Kassem & Shay has to guess who tweeted. Going out to eat,telling us a guy at the lights waved at shay to roll his window down, saying is JB Justin Bieber or Jonas i Justine, at a place called Dukes. Sontard has to do a project for school with 100 items. (2/20/10-353) - 5pm had a lazy saturday so decided to go down to the beach, Shay saying he can’t believe he’s nearly done this everyday for a year. (2/21/10-354) - Shay saying if you know what a T T is then you are a true Shaytard fan. Shay says he want a horse, talking about cleaning up horse poop. (2/22/10-355) - Mommytard just picked Princesstard up from school, Princesstard has a colored in tiger from school about chinese new year. Kids getting ready for bed, talking about loudness levels. Shay & Sontard heading to the beach for his project, Shay looking at the graffiti, seeing a dead bird on the beach, talking about leaving stuff that isn’t yours. (2/24/10-357) - Mommytard with Princesstard & Babytard having a girls day painting fingernails. Shay driving home from In & Out, talking about a guy that came in to buy a milkshake & pulled out a 0 bill, Shay gave the guy for a milkshake. (3/3/10-364) -Mommytard with Babytard & Charlestrippy they are going to surprise Shay with a cream pie, Charles pies Shay in the face. Mommytard driving to pick up Grandmatard, Kayli & Carlie up from the airport.

Picked up Princesstard from school, she got a gift of underwear from the school, Shay says Mommytard should but a cup on her head to shield her from the rain, Sontard had a bad day he went to the bathroom & fell over. Shay heading home from a meeting, saying its cool to be in LA. Mommytard & Princesstard together in the van,out looking for umbrellas. Babytard climbing on the couch & jumping onto it, Babytard sitting on Malachis back. Talking about how youtubers call their viewers different things, Shay talking about Shayloss & about the pain of change. (1/23/10-325) - Mommytard getting money out of the ATM. Sitting down to dinner, Princesstard read about the ginger bread man, Sontard learnt about penguins, princesstard saying the prayer,eating dinner. (1/27/10-329) - Shay outside with Babytard, Rawn playing music, seeing a critter getter van. Watching The Grammys with Lady Gaga & Elton John, Greenday winning an award. (2/1/10-334) - Princesstard & babytard with socks on their hands, Babytard starts her potty training, getting pink carseats. Kids created their own diving board jumping from a stool to a mattress. On the 3rd street promenade, watching a bird come over & eat food. Shay watching a shay vlog in the apple store, walking back from the Apple Store. Going to the movie theatre to go see Percy Jackson, girls looking at the candy in the movie theatre, Princesstard jumping down the steps, saying videogames should take debit cards, Shay talking about his thoughts on the movie, sontards fave part was medusa. Shay at the office, shooting a promo video for a cop video looking at random props.

outside trying to unlock a lock combination, pm & Sontard rides his bike. Sontard wants to go ride his bike, story they was standing outside & the lighting flashed & the lights in the house went off. (1/22/10-324) -Shay scarring Kassem, Shay burning a shirt, motor cycling in the house. Shooting a video with the kids making them do an angry face, new feature to youtube watching the frames go by when uploading. (1/31/10-333) -Ugly sushi with a guy in a gorilla suit. At the grocery store, hearing chariots of fire, doesn’t bother him anymore to vlog in public. Mommytard talking about how she saw a lady with a sign & she thinks it says ‘andy phelips’ but it really says 'anything helps’. Mommytard & Shay talking about the end of year 1 of the vlogs.